As a team, we’re a hand-picked, passionate and slightly eccentric group of people who are always ready for the next challenge. Meet us here.

Hameed Gani

Managing Director & Founding Partner

At peace with everything, Hameed is known to charm people from the first Hello. With a mind that invites all opinions, he is the perfect bridge between the radical and the pragmatic.



Roger Attlee

Creative Director - Canada

Roger is a man on a mission. A branding expert, but he can talk to you on almost anything in the world. That is when he gets time off assaulting his computer screen with rebellious ideas.



Ryad Sahraoui

Strategy Consultant - Dubai

Ryad is the strategic brain who constantly bridges the rational and emotional facet in decision-makings. In fact, he is quite the experimenter, with both, work and multi-cultural cuisines.



Griselda DeSouza

Account Manager

The energy-house of the team. Griselda is always in control. There is no project detail that she doesn’t know about. From pulp-fiction novels to complicated people, she loves to read everything. 

Griselda D'Souza  


Zukhra Ebzeeva

Account Manager

Our in-house juggler. Fling her a curved ball and she will deftly incorporate it into her routine - managing clients and creative with ease. All this, besides blogging, designing, traveling or meditating and more!



Vishant Naik

Art Director

Mr. Persnickety, of our team. Even a single pixel can’t go out of place, when Vishant is at work. He is the one who relishes everything that he does- be it designing or cooking some unique delicacies.

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