When Punch turned 8 years old

-- Tuesday, 14 October 2014 -- admin

Every year on our anniversary, we try to conjure up an interesting escapade. Something light-hearted to remind everyone (clients and ourselves) why they love what they do.

This year, we turned 8. An age of wonder, discovery and growth. And like every 8-year old we too have heroes to look up to. Not just fictional ones with speech bubbles and terrible fashion sense. But our very own superheroes -our clients. They perform superhuman tasks for their brands. Every day.

They craft bullet-proof strategies, execute supersonic marketing plans and live up to invincible brand promises. We’ve worked with these branding superheroes for the past 8 years. And to honour their prowess, we launched the ‘Super 8’ campaign.

What we did was simple (like all good ideas should be). A superhero mask was sent to all our clients along with a "top-secret" albeit fun mission to perform. All they had to do, was to wear the mask, take a picture of themselves and upload it to a secret link. 

Among this gallery of superheroes, we'll pick a random winner and award them an 11" Apple MacBook Air. And to record their heroic adventures, each participant will also receive a personalized Moleskine® Diary.

While the entries are flowing in, here's a glimpse at how the Super 8 campaign looks:

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